Several months ago, I read an article­­ that impacted me with its down to earth suggestions for achieving success. I have tried to put into action the ideas and suggestions presented and I wanted to share what has developed into my 8 steps to realizing my dream of success.

some people dream of success


1) I will not live in the past, reliving and rehearsing my failures. My

feelings of defeat are not who I am today. My attitude will be positive and constructive. I control my future and how it unfolds.

2) I will write down my long and short term goals for success and my dream for the future.

3) I will begin each day reviewing my goals and planning how to achieve them.

4) I will end each day reflecting on what I have accomplished and what remains to be done the next day.

5) I will be constantly reading self improvement books, blogs and articles that will build me up. I will watch videos posted by motivational speakers to improve my skills as a Marketer and Mentor. I will participate in Social Networks to learn from others and share the knowledge I have obtained.

6) I will live my life expecting good things to happen every day – maintaining a positive attitude and outlook.

7) I will see myself as a Leader – mentoring and helping others as they seek success.

8) Most important of all – I will not quit – quitting is not an option. I will keep the dream always before me and achieve every goal on the path to realizing my dream….SUCCESS!

if your dreams don't scare you


Perhaps Network Marketing  has delivered a big fat $0 to your bank account.

Forget about your past experiences & failures!

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Great Success & Abundant Blessings!

Sandy Blomstrom 

“What I am, is not out there.  It is in me”.  Helen Keller

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