It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Selling Widgets or Homes….

After reading an article “Online Marketing is a Public Service” in Realtor Mag by Scott Schang, I realized that Online Marketing when handled properly can propel any business to incredible success.

Let me explain, when the housing market took a nosedive in 2007, many Realtors, including me, had to come up with a new business model for our companies.

There was no longer any money to run expensive ads in glossy House Magazines or classified ads in the Real Estate Section of the Sunday edition of the local newspaper.

The only way to reach consumers seemed to be to use free tools online like WordPress for websites and Craigslist for advertising and making a complete switch of all marketing to online.


As Scott mentions in his article, marketing online was the answer to communicating with buyers, sellers and borrowers because as he puts it:  “at that time most consumers would have picked chewing off their own arms rather than talk to a real estate or mortgage saleperson.”

Many of us struggled with this challenging, new way to market our businesses. We all scurried to learn how to build websites that were attractive yet educational for the consumer with lead generating features that would bring much needed prospects.

Our marketing efforts online in those early days showed that consumers wanted to get answers to questions they could ask anonymously. Buyers and Sellers were not interested in us, our company, or what we had to offer. Not until they felt they could trust us, would they reveal their identity or contact us to help them.

We found that by educating online consumers and giving them the information they needed to make an intelligent decision, they felt more in control.
The consumers felt we were putting them above a sale and that gave them a feeling of trust in us and our abilities.

Network Marketing and MLM parallel the Real Estate profession in the way we market our businesses online.

Through our PRS, blogs, and posts we become “experts” in our community and we brand ourselves.


When consumers become familiar with us and our expertise, they feel they know us and are comfortable contacting us and asking for our help.

Building trust, developing rapport and being interested in the consumer, prospect, or associate is the key to successful online marketing


Great Success & Abundant Blessings in All You Do!
Sandy Blomstrom

“What I am, is not out there. It is in me”. Helen Keller


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