An article, titled Real Estate SEO the Wrong Way by Joe Health appeared in the National Association of Realtors Mag. It’s directed to Realtors but the advice about SEO can be used in any business.

The article mentions that real estate agents (and Network Marketers) want to be at the top of a Google search.

However, many people don’t have time or simply don’t understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization.


S.E.O. basics such as keyword placement, Meta tags, anchor text, and the importance of blogging can be overwhelming.
Then there is the fact that some optimization techniques will actually hurt your web site more than help it?
Google and other major search engines no longer fall for tricks that will artificially get your site a higher PageRank in a shorter amount of time.

The article goes on to list negative S.E.O. strategies to avoid so you can set your website up to be a strong lead generator and have long-term, sustainable success.

• Link Farm:

A link farm is a basically a cluster of websites that link to one another. Search engine algorithms look at page links to determine a site’s relevance and overall authority, so the idea behind a link farm is to fool a search engine into thinking certain sites are of significance because of the high number of inlinks. This practice was used years ago, but should you try it today, your site will be considered spam and you rank will steadily drop. Don’t do it.

• Keyword Stuffing:

Most people with basic web knowledge understand this is something you don’t do. But many people not familiar with website principles still think jamming keywords throughout a website and inflating your keyword density will help achieve a higher rank. This is not the case, however, and as search engines see an unusual amount of repeat keywords, your site will more than likely be penalized for it.


• Cloaking:

The purpose of cloaking is to feed search engines certain text, while giving users something entirely different to see when a website is viewed. How it works is that web masters will input misleading meta tags into the coding of web pages, while what will be seen on the frontend of such these pages fails to correspond with such tags. What makes this practice especially frowned upon among search engines is that if web users come across a site totally different from what search engine bots sees, the effectiveness of these search engines greatly diminish. For that reason, some search engines have even banned sites that use the cloaking technique.

• Duplicate Content:

Many real estate agents and Network Marketers around the country who rely heavily on web leads have more than one web site. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for agents in larger markets to have up to 20 domain names that relate to specific neighborhoods, buildings, or subdivisions. So with an abundance of websites, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to write unique, quality content for each. As a result, some agents will cut corners on generic “About Us” or “Our Policy” pages and use the same content throughout all their sites. Bad idea. For every website you own, take the time to write out unique content for each. And if you have generic pages that will contain the same information over and over, simply redirect each back to one page on your main site.

Building a proper web site the right way is a lot of work.

Sometimes it will take longer for you to see positive results in terms of PageRank and web traffic, but you’ll be glad you avoided using some of the practices mentioned above.

Hope this helps someone.





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