I heard an interesting and very touching story in Church today that I would like to share with you.

One of the my friends said that last week she couldn’t take her eyes off a Starbucks cup that someone had left next to the keyboard during the Service.

She kept feeling this tug at her to go get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

So after the Church Service, she headed over to the local Starbucks to get that cup of coffee.

As she pulled out of the parking lot, she saw an older man standing by the road.

Overcoming her great reluctance to talk to a stranger, she asked him if he were cold and would like a cup of coffee.

He stared at her blankly and said, “I’m lost!”

She said, “Well you look cold.  What do mean you are lost?”

He kept repeating that he was lost.

Again, overcoming great reluctance, she invited him to get into her car. as she handed him her cup of coffee (which, incidentally, she had not sipped yet).

Since he kept saying he was lost and only that, she decided to take him to a nearby police station so she could help him find out where he was.

After she explained to the policeman behind the desk what had happened,  the man was fingerprinted.

Sure enough, they found out who the man was and they called his daughter to tell her they had her dad sitting across from them and how he had come to be there.

My friend  who found the man did not want to leave him alone as he waited so she sat next to him and waited with him.

Shortly after, two young girls came running down the hall, yelling “Grandpa, grandpa!” and hugged the man.

Then their mom behind them saw her dad sitting there and started to cry.

She asked my friend sitting next to him, “Where did you find him?  He has been missing two weeks.”

Stunned, my friend relayed to her how God had put it on her heart to go get a cup of coffee at Starbucks – something she rarely does…..and

     how she said she saw this young woman’s dad standing by the roadside.

     how she never spoke to strangers yet felt led to speak to the young woman’s because he looked cold.

     how even though she would never let a stranger in her car, she asked him to get into the car to help him find where he was.

The young woman, still crying, told my friend that her dad has Parkinsons disease and suffers from dementia.

When brought to the hospital later, the doctor said he had not eaten in two weeks and was seriously dehydrated.

Although, he remains in the hospital quite ill, he is on the mend and seems to be getting better.

It’s rather an amazing story!

My friend probably saved this man’s life because as she says, God brought her to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee.

Don’t dismiss those promptings from God … they could change your life … and someone else’s.


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