What Tools Do You Use For Your Business?



I am sure you’ve heard that contrary to popular belief, that during the Gold Rush, the people who made the MOST money were selling mining tools.

And, I am sure you have heard that someone doesn’t buy a ¼” drill because he wants a ¼” drill.  He buys a ¼” drill because he needs a ¼” hole.

Where am I going with this?

Stiforp offers tools to promote and build your business.

Stiforp offers tools to take your business or several
businesses to the next level.

I know … I know … you already have tools that can do that.

But and this is a big BUT….what are you paying for those tools?

Stiforp can give you all the tools you need for less than 35 cents a day.  That’s less than $10/month for all this:

  • Email Marketing – load up to 500 email addresses each month FREE
  • Personalized Landing Pages with a Video spokesperson
  • Landing Page Setup – customize your landing page
  • Interactive Flash Movie Presentation
  • Lead Capture Pages to qualify your prospects
  • Auto Responders to keep your opportunity in front of Tour takers
  • Business Contact Management – keep track of Tour Takers
  • Traffic Rotator to help your team grow or build multiple businesses
  • Banner Marketing, Email templates, Classified Ad samples – a variety of ways to promote your business.
  • Conference Call Bridge – host a team call for up to 100 people

Isn’t that fantastic ?… imagine what these tools can do for your business.

And, that’s not all….

You can earn a very nice income just for telling other business owners how to use Stiforp systems and tools to grow their business. 

Check it out:   


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Abundant Blessings and Success!


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